Saturday, January 16, 2010

The O, JULIET Love Poetry Competition

Your shoulders are broad beneath your shirt
I see them, hard and strong, with arms that have held me,
hands that have found me, fingers that have touched me.
These shoulders, arms, hands, fingers, built the Temple of Love,
lit my heart's fire, plumbed my soul's well,
plucked the sweet Fig of Desire, and placed it on my tongue.

-- Juliet Capelletti

When I initially made the decision that "my" Romeo and Juliet would not only be 15th century Dante freaks but amateur poets themselves, it didn't quite compute that they would both have to write love poetry...meaning I would have to write verse in both their voices. I must say, it gave me pause -- in all the years I've been writing I'd only dabbled with poetry for fun (I didn't let anybody read it except my husband). But I decided to take the plunge and while of course it's not Shakespeare, it was a lot of fun. It didn't hurt that neither Romeo nor Juliet were themselves anything more than amateurs. But the experience got me thinking that readers might like to take a crack at writing poetry about everybody's favorite emotion. Thus, the O, JULIET Love Poetry Competition was born.

There'll be two separate contests (and winners), one for adults, and one for young poets age 13-18. If you fall into the latter category, you'll need to let me know that in your entry. The winner in each category will receive a signed copy of O, JULIET, a Renaissance style leather-bound journal in which you can continue writing your award-winning poetry and prose, and a leisurely phone conversation with me.

To Enter, simply send in your poem (of any length) here to this blog by February 2nd. Please clearly include your name, email address and whether your poem should be judged in the adult or 13-19 year old category. The two winners will be announced on Valentines Day, 2010.

Lots of love,


  1. So 19 fits in young adults?
    Great contest btw!

  2. Whoops! That was a typo. But I believe in truth in advertising, so if you're 19 and wish to enter the YA competition, you may. Or you can try your hand with the adults. It's up to you.

  3. Here's my poem, Robin. I am an adult.

    Reminiscence of Innocence

    It's been a long time since we loved each
    like we loved each other when we were young.
    That absolute artless love we shared
    before we were taught
    how to hide things
    and how to be selfish-
    before we learned how
    to hold back and get back at.
    It's been a long time that we have been
    artfully wounding each other. (We know well
    how to open and reopen those unkind wounds.)
    And it's been an even longer time since
    we have been able to let our defenses
    dissolve like the stitches of our healing
    Come love, sit with me awhile. Let's hold
    hands and remember young love.

    Benita Glickman


  4. To all the love thou keep’st inside
    To all the thy beauty thou triest to hide
    To all the hope thou carriest in my darkness
    To all the honour thou possess
    I bow my head in admiration
    I bow my knee in adoration
    I take thy hands in mine
    My love and soul are always thine

    "Rowan Plantagenet"
    I'm an adult and my email address is

  5. Hey Robin, I posted my poem in another section of your blog (the Words of Love Challenge), although I suppose it may be more appropriate as a submission in your O, JULIET Love Poetry competition :)
    It's a very simple, straight-forward expression of exactly how I feel about love and how romantic love affects me.
    This is for the adult category. My email address is
    (or mtruhlik(at)pobox(dot)com )
    And thanks for having the contests: this is fun!


    In Life,
    I am a young oak.
    My roots firmly grounded, I stand tall and proud,
    Strongly maturing upward,
    Weathering storms,
    Fighting elements,
    Reaching higher evermore.

    In Love,
    I transform into a tumbleweed.
    Defenseless against the slightest wind,
    I crumble to dust.

    © 2010 Michele Truhlik

  6. Love is True

    If love is true
    Then why is it false
    If love is good
    Then why is it bad

    A fight for love
    Fought deep in my heart
    My mind in the clouds
    My heart in your hands

    I found my one true love
    I hear bang, click, shoosh
    The clouds collapsed
    My love for you grows deeper

    You, my love, with brown hair who come by the field-path now, whose name I say
    Softly, forgive me love if also I call you Winds word, apple-heart, haven of grasses

    If you sleep mouth open
    My love might swim in
    You'll dream sweet fantasies of me
    That swim away sideways and slowly

    Stop this day and night with me
    You shall posses the wonders of the world
    I use to be a nightmare
    Now I am a shinning star with my heart glowing full of love for you

    I am an adult

  7. This comes from a reader who doesn't blog, but sent this poem via Facebook:

    O Moonie Moon, such desire drenches your face
    Your wiggles and woggles
    Your "Gotta have more time, more space!"

    Be Melted You!
    Inside my heart's Sun.

    There now

  8. I am an adult and Here is mine:

    washed by words

    one-legged, tilted to one side-
    rusted garden bench
    now sprouted with weeds
    witness of my past deeds

    the way I used to sit there
    waiting. waiting for you.
    the glances, the kisses
    we shared, curled to its corner

    we talked of our future
    you did. I only listened
    totally washed by your words
    love radiating from me

    which could be felt from
    a radii of a kilometre.
    it went on and on
    basking in your words forever

    one similar day, same place
    same me, but not you. never again.
    no words. sound of breath,
    one's own, is so hard to listen to.

    this present, which in a way
    is well into the future of what
    not to be, is as colourful
    as the drab earth you joined.

    twenty odd years, I still can't let you
    out of me. whole of me. in the
    bigger picture of my dead life
    farewell holds no meaning

    © gautami tripathy


  9. I was wondering if this is open internationally? I've been writing poems for years now. :) And I'd like to share it with people via this contest.

  10. Hey, I'm an adult called Rhodri Brady. I live in the United Kingdom,if that's ok?

    Anyway, it won't do any harm for me to post a poem I've written for the purposes of this competition.

    'Search & Rescue'

    I ponder are you feeling,
    Like did I, when leg on leg,
    Palms pressed on pave, to wander
    Pumped soul beats others through land and land,
    In this three o’clock ceiling?

    I felt a feeling, I do know,
    Has teased me through the weeks,
    (Like tangled woollen Ewe-sheep’s back
    With wit along it’s hoof) for lines
    To fumble yet let go.

    Help me to keep it! As it’s gone.
    My yellow nails, did scrape,
    To see the benches narrow dark,
    Crumble epitaphed: strangled ivy
    Grew up the standing stone.

    If I could hold my wine glass out,
    The ants would crawl and grope
    Amongst the sherbet and the port,
    Which spills o’er-flowing in my lap
    I’ve grabbed it. Grip it’s mass!

    Your mossy cup is growing fast,
    Heathery petals were!
    Slips, chuckles, hugs and thrusts,
    A never ending gag of muck,
    See’s ghoul, since you have passed.

    Our life-long board games ‘til the end.
    Our knives chop chop away.
    Our once bare thighs, now pallid turn.
    Refuse to make it known,
    While mugs look smug from lug legged tend!

    So, what say you? Let us just be,
    Let’s lay it down once more,
    As ducks doth waddle to the bread,
    I know that you adore.

    But will you have,
    My quivering hand,
    Hold hand and hand to stay.
    Telephonocal answers made,
    I know that it’s not drab,
    To have you once in two and two,
    To know you blue with cherry-glue,
    You know me all again.

  11. I'm 19 :) and this is my first poem! I was very inspired and it's about a young woman in love and awakening to love!

    Psyche's Spring

    I have a secret
    It wakes me up at dawn
    Quite weak with longing
    I lie awake hearing the birdsong

    I laugh without cause
    I twirl and tumble down the garden
    Feeling my lips moist
    My heart thudding with desire

    But only he knows the secret
    At night I dream of him
    All day I wait to see him
    Oh, I am in such a fever for his touch

    Our eyes meet
    Our gazes lock
    I dare not stare too long
    For the temptation of his smile is so strong


  12. I wrote this poem years and years ago and published it in my first book of poetry.


    As the morning sun kissed the sleepy earth,
    I smiled and touched his face.
    Gone from our midst was mere fondess,
    and love somehow took it's place.

    Those eyes,
    that had watched me grow with him,
    now begged me to come near.

    Those lips,
    that had spoke of kind advice,
    now whispered in my ear.

    Never more than just a friend,
    I thought,
    but now, he somehow is.

    For true love, I then said a prayer,
    and pressed my lips to his.

  13. I am no poet (as you can see!) so I wrote down how I felt when I met my husband; how the world became different somehow. This is how I felt:

    How did you know?

    The rain became prisms upon petals
    The wind became the breath of the mountains
    The frost became the cobwebs of silver spiders
    I knew you were on your way

    Flowers laughed their shy, silky giggles
    Leaves danced in the mountains breath
    My new reflection shone in the silvery panes
    I knew you were on your way

    When did I learn to breathe again?
    When did I remember how to see?
    When did I know how to feel alive?
    You were here

    I am an adult and my email is:

    bexxxb (at) googlemail (dot) com

  14. Here is my poem...untitled.
    Adult category:

    Like water for thirst,
    you quench my desire.

    Like bread for soup,
    you absorb my hunger.

    Like nectar to a bee,
    you sweeten my love.

    Like a rasp to wood,
    you soften my edges.

    You have helped shape me,
    into the woman I've become.

    Your love sustains me,
    passion fulfills me.

    You have my body, my heart,
    but I've held onto my soul.

    Like a child, with a dandelion in fist,
    I offer it now, to you...

    I give you my soul.

    Come blow a wish
    with me...

    pippirose59 at gmail dot com

  15. I've already posted my poem above, I forgot to point out I want to enter young adults competition :)

  16. Hi, thanks for the competition. My name is Becky Champion and I’m 18.
    My email is

    Ignorant Love

    Trapped within the image I hold.
    Hung there, with threads of my own desire;
    the portrait of what could be.

    Living for the rush,
    getting through the rough.
    As you remain, to me,
    a half open book.

    I like to think unaware.
    That I’m not purposefully ignored.
    Or someone you pay a pitying thought.
    As they hold your gaze too long.

    Yet I know, as others must,
    (upon reading my extracted feeling).
    This will pass.
    As without your heart,
    can it be more than lust?

    You can accuse me of being fickle.
    Although my feelings,
    so far, remain.
    Some days I want to forget you.
    Others I welcome that familiar dull pain.

  17. Hi Robin! Elizabeth Swift here. Congrats on all the entries! Here's one by yours truly:


    Sand curves down to warm
    Moonlight clearing clouds
    High blue deep stars
    Breeze holds its breath
    Sand slips down curves
    Gentle lapping waves
    Ebb down grain on grain

  18. Here are three poems that came in through my website from:

    Maggie McEvoy

    I am entering 3 poewms if that's ok:) They are all untitled...and pretty short.

    Poem #1

    Hidden glances
    soft caresses
    Whaere does young love hide?
    tangled hands and
    floating laughter
    never difficult to find
    Round each hallway corner
    and hidden forest pathway,
    each silent, dark movie theater
    or lively and loud spring day.
    For a young heart is pure and full of room
    Where any love can grow
    It leaps without looking
    It loves without question
    It breaks so easily
    but continuous to live,
    in all of its loss, heartache,
    embarrassment, joy, excitement, and
    Always searching,
    Always loving.

    Poem #2

    For all the Romances that have ever been
    For all the kiesses that ever flown,
    Let this young heart never break
    or at least never be alone

    Poem #3

    Once upon a blue bird's cry
    the sky turned dark and silver,
    If she should ever catch my eye
    Let my eyes never waver.

  19. Just a note on the above entry. I had to retype the poems and any typos are mine, not Maggie's.

  20. More poetry that came in through the website,
    From George Briggs:

    Love is the originator of everything…Love is the foundation of everything…
    Love is the most original and the most fundamental ubiquity.

    Love is the most abundant thing in the universe…it’s everywhere, everywhen…
    there’s no place that it isn’t, there’s no time when it wasn’t.

    Love is that Ultimate Consciousness, whose very infrastructure is made of, exists as, has…
    a Certainty, a Clarity, a Connectedness, a Nowness, a Oneness …that everwas, is evermore.

    The Havens for Life are prepared in the Lap of Love…the Fabric of Life is woven on the Loom of Love.

    Love created Life to be a vehicle for Itself…Love is the Animator…
    Love enables Life to wiggle…withdraw Love, no more wiggle.

    Love is the Conscious Spirit dwelling in each of the beings in Life’s Kingdoms…
    each lives within its design…each in accordance with its history.

    Love is just a feeling, for some…for some, a warm ‘n fuzzy, cascading endorphic blur…
    for those who Know, Love is the Way of Life…enduring…everthere.

    Love blessed our Selves, with the ability to learn…to sincerely learn…
    Love is the Prime Role Model for every being.

    Love gives the Self ample opportunity to experience, to learn, to reflect, to develop…
    Love is patient, without waiting…until Love itself is fulfilled consciously.

    Love connects everyone and everything …Love joins every thing and every being…
    the connections are the threads that enable the fabric of Unity…Oneness…Wholeness.

    Connectivity is…nothing is in isolation or separated… no one is alone, never ever…
    distance is not in play…near and far, remote or close, aren’t considerable.

    Love is polite and considerate, it cannot and will not enter unwanted…
    but…when wanted, the door to Love is always found to be open.

    Love is the basis, the intrinsic foundation, the cradle of our consciousness…
    oh, how nice it is when the Self really wakes up to this Love.

    Love continues to evolve Life to an awareness of Love Itself…
    for the Self to experience this Love is the first, and then on-going, goal.

    Love is the Universe…the Universe is our University…by degrees, we (l)earn, little by little…until…Heaven, on Earth, is our graduation present…another gift of Love.

    George Briggs

  21. I am a 47 year old Woman celebrating life every day thanks to my loving husband of 30 years this August!

    Mark a name I never cared for my younger days
    Mark a man with very different ways
    Mark a man who stole my heart with baby blues
    Mark a man who stood beside me true.
    Mark a man who loves me like no other
    Mark a man who is the best lover
    Mark a man with his smile makes my heart beat
    I love you Mark with all my fire and heat!

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  23. juliet,with my love,with flower with river
    with the sun,moon,star
    with the love from sky,
    with the love from earth root

    travel with time travel with year,
    travel with my kiss and soul.
    travel our love with timeless-pierre

  24. Great contest, it's really awesome meeting an author here on blogspot, congratulations on the book.

    Grant-Grey Guda

    I'm 20, so the Adult poetry

    Poem Name.

    -Infinite Dances-

    We danced and we sang songs of love,
    For our souls so very joyous in youth,
    Our hearts did move for endless emotion,
    In those beautiful times of youth long ago.

    In those dances of love we played games,
    Games of sincerity and complete kindness,
    All was a game in those times of caring,
    We were the players in a great infinite age.

    Everything was so epically shared and expressed,
    All our feelings were vaulted to one another,
    We cared for a better understanding of love,
    To understand the complexity of love we dared.

    In mighty waves of thunderous expression we lived,
    Just for a moment in our limited expanse knew,
    Knew of caring and feeling so lighting in fever,
    In both our hearts saw timeless seas for but a second.

    For that time of youth we had a never ending fire,
    Fire of the heart so powerfully eternal forever,
    All was not shattered or hated at all, every feeling
    Was fully felt, for all time remembered in

  25. Please forgive my lack of knowledsge but it this an annual contest?