Sunday, January 17, 2010


This is a whopper of a blog post. It's got three parts. I hope you'll persevere, scroll down, read them all and play the Love Games. I'm announcing the commencement of "The O, JULIET Love Poetry Competition," the last of the "O, JULIET Love Games" Giveaways, and the winner of the first. Finally, on the right are my first two Youtube author videos. They'll give you a peek into my own personal love story and a real-life adventure I wish I'd never had. Here goes!


  1. A real love story Robin, I enjoyed your utube clip, but Oh what a scary time it must have been when the fires came. I am so sorry you lost so much, but happy you are both okay and that the land is healing so well. You live in a stunning part of the world, best wishes. Kathy.

  2. What a beautiful author video, Robin. You and Max seem like the perfect couple! A modern day Romeo and Juliet to boot. Thanks so much for sharing your love story with us. And your property is breathtakingly gorgeous--I can see why Max was so adament about dragging you, "kicking and screaming" all the way to the high desert of California. I'm so sorry you lost a good amount of your land during the firestorm...but I'm glad to hear that shrubbery and greenery are starting to finally grow back and the land is starting to heal.

  3. phyllis from Evanston, IllinoisJanuary 21, 2010 at 2:44 PM

    Thanks, Robin, for sharing your story in these two wonderful videos. I look forward to reading the new book.

  4. Thank you for sharing your stories, the beautiful and the bad. Life takes us on so many twists and turns, doesn't it?
    Its funny how you can connect with a place, where it just feels right, where you feel properly plugged in. You've found your spot, now let's make sure nothing makes the fire gods angry again!! Horrifying footage, makes me shudder to remember it. Enjoy the rebirth as the land heals.
    Warm regards!

  5. Love tha Blog! Mostly came here to tell you how much we loved eiei yoga. My daughter soon to be 15 wore out two VHS tapes and gained a love of yoga that still sticks to her. We have since purchased used copies for our younger children (nine, six and two). Hopefully they will get as much from it as Cait did. Thank you for this wonderful introduction to yoga. PS even at almost 300 pounds I could do most of the moves with her.