Monday, April 12, 2010

The Winning Poems!

I know it's been awhile, but Tasya (my West Coast publicist and a poet herself) and I have finally chosen winners for the "O, JULIET Love Poetry Competition." The two Grand Prize Winners will receive a signed copy of O, JULIET, and an absolutely gorgeous leather journal from La Vida Bella & Company. I didn't realize how spectacular they were until I held one in my hands. Just looking at these journals would inspire you to write poetry or your memoirs. I suggest you visit their website ( and check out their lovingly handcrafted works of art.

In the adult category was Boof's entry "How Did You Know?" She wrote saying, "I'm not poet..." but we heartily disagree. Boof is a literary blogger. Her blog is called The Book Whisperer and can be found at

How did you know?

The rain became prisms upon petals
The wind became the breath of the mountains
The frost became the cobwebs of silver spiders
I knew you were on your way

Flowers laughed their shy, silky giggles
Leaves danced in the mountains breath
My new reflection shone in the silvery panes
I knew you were on your way

When did I learn to breathe again?
When did I remember how to see?
When did I know how to feel alive?
You were here

In the young adult category Anne Sophie's entry "Psyche's Spring" takes the prize. She writes that this was her first poem. We're sure it won't be her last.

Psyche's Spring

I have a secret
It wakes me up at dawn
Quite weak with longing
I lie awake hearing the birdsong

I laugh without cause
I twirl and tumble down the garden
Feeling my lips moist
My heart thudding with desire

But only he knows the secret
At night I dream of him
All day I wait to see him
Oh, I am in such a fever for his touch

Our eyes meet
Our gazes lock
I dare not stare too long
For the temptation of his smile is so strong

There were two runners-up, both of them bloggers who kindly hosted me on my O, JULIET blog tour. Here is Cherie Burbach's "For True Love I Said a Prayer." Cherie's blog is


As the morning sun kissed the sleepy earth,
I smiled and touched his face.
Gone from our midst was mere fondness,
and love somehow took it's place.

Those eyes,
that had watched me grow with him,
now begged me to come near.

Those lips,
that had spoke of kind advice,
now whispered in my ear.

Never more than just a friend,
I thought,
but now, he somehow is.

For true love, I then said a prayer,
and pressed my lips to his.

And this is Gautami Tripathy's "washed by words." Her blog is:

washed by words

one-legged, tilted to one side-
rusted garden bench
now sprouted with weeds
witness of my past deeds

the way I used to sit there
waiting. waiting for you.
the glances, the kisses
we shared, curled to its corner

we talked of our future
you did. I only listened
totally washed by your words
love radiating from me

which could be felt from
a radii of a kilometre.
it went on and on
basking in your words forever

one similar day, same place
same me, but not you. never again.
no words. sound of breath,
one's own, is so hard to listen to.

this present, which in a way
is well into the future of what
not to be, is as colourful
as the drab earth you joined.

twenty odd years, I still can't let you
out of me. whole of me. in the
bigger picture of my dead life
farewell holds no meaning

Thanks to everyone for entering. There were lots of other wonderful entries. If you want to read them all, please visit the earlier post announcing the competition.

Congratulations to the winners!

Lots of love,

Monday, April 5, 2010

Love Poetry Competition Update

Hi All,

Hope you had a great holiday weekend. All the entries are in for the O, JULIET Poetry Competition, and the judging has begun! In the next week or so I'll be preparing a new newsletter so that the winners can be announced to a larger audience. Again, the prizes for the adult and young adult categories are a signed copy of O, JULIET and a Renaissance style "Torbat" journal from the wonderful La Vida Bella Company in New Hampshire.

Lots of love,